-Demystify Meditation

You are interested in meditation but don’t know much about it. Learn the basics and take some tips home. This one hour long presentation includes a short meditation and is a great introduction to the Primordial Sound Meditation course.

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-Signature Workshop: Combines meditation & photography

Learn to use photography as a medium to slow down and be present. Any kind of camera (including iPhone) will work. No prerequisite skills.

I will lead you through a combination of breathing, looking and shooting sequences in order to link eye, heart and hand. Whether you are a photographer, a meditator or none of them, you will enjoy this workshop!

Learn more about meditation
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-Your Perfect Health With Ayurveda

One hour long where you understand what is Ayurveda and take some tips home.

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This is a great introduction to the full Perfect Health course

-Find Your Dosha

 Understand your dosha to know yourself better through your Ayurvedic mind-body type.

Feeling tires, not yourself? Can’t lose or gain weight?Know how to adjust your daily routine and your nutrition, so you return to a better balance.

Each session includes a short meditation.

This workshop is also an introduction to the full Perfect Health course

Learn more on Ayurveda and Perfect Health

-Ayurveda and Sleep

One hour long. Sleep is one of the most important factor for our health. Ayurveda will help sleeping issues. Learn simple technics, breathing exercises that you can start applying now.

This workshops includes a short meditation introduction.

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