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When training, I believe in addressing the whole person. Once we learn how to manage the stress created by the obstacles in our life, we can make better choices, improve our daily well-being and thrive to our highest potential.

Find your mind/body type – take the Dosha Quiz!

Doshas are principles of nature (movement, transformation, structure) found in our body, giving us a specific mind-body type. Although we have the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), their repartition is different in each of us. Generally we have one or two dominant. What is your dosha? Please fill out name/email below and we will email you the quiz directly:

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Primordial Sound Meditation is a technique of meditation based on the Vedic tradition of India, revived by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon. Primordial Sound means mantra. Using a mantra helps us relax our mind in a state of peace and openness, allowing us to be more present.

Training the Body

Exercise is an important part of health in Ayurveda. Integrate strength, flexibility, balance, breathing, coordination and vision training for a well-balanced body. We will choose which modalities will best suit your needs. Enjoy your exercise and feel stronger!


Ayurveda, which means “science of life,” is a 5000 year old system of healing originated from India that follows the rules of nature. By addressing all the areas of your life, because we ingest not only food but also all your experiences and emotions, Ayurveda teaches us how to regain and maintain our dynamic state of well-being.

  • Catherine gathered a great group of people to tour Kathmandu and Bhutan, places she knows well and as importantly, that she loves. Her enthusiasm for the culture, the people, and the landmarks was contagious….lots of laughs and fun, morning til night.

    Susan K. Aspen
  • Catherine is all about mind, body and spirit. Her life is dedicated to learning and teaching. A world-class hiker, guide and athlete, Catherine introduced us to amazing parts of the Rockies and the Himalayas. Her photographic exhibits and civic presentations reveal a sense of awareness and empathy that comes only from serious study of the Eastern philosophies. She is a multi-faceted and fascinating woman.

    Simon P. CT
  • Meditation has become an integral part of the way I approach things. My awareness of who I am, how I am, and how that may be affecting the world has profoundly increased since learning to meditate. I am deeply thankful for the exposure and expertise that Catherine provided.

    Emile H. AL
  • I have been training with Catherine for about 15 years, doing both Pilates and weight training. Thanks to Catherine I have relieved my lower back problems. I feel strong in my core and flexible in my body. I highly recommend her methods of "working out".

    Michele B. Aspen
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