Every cell is evesdropping on what you think, say and do. ~ Deepak Chopra

Chopra Center Certified InstructorHealth is more than the absence of disease. Ayurveda, which means “science of life,” is a 5000 years old system of healing originated in India that follows the rules of nature. By addressing all the areas of your life, because you ingest not only food but also all your experiences and emotions, Ayurveda teaches you how to regain and maintain your dynamic state of well-being. The PERFECT HEALTH course, designed by Deepak Chopra, includes knowing your Dosha, which is your mind-body type, understanding which foods to favor and which ones to diminish, learning what exercise routine is best for you, learning to meditate, improving your daily routine, addressing your emotions, enhancing your environment through your senses.

Several Ways to Learn:

-Introduction Presentation on Ayurveda One hour long where you understand the basics of Ayurveda and take some tips home.  Sign up to my newsletter for upcoming workshops and follow my blog

-PERFECT HEALTH course, a 10h course in 5 sessions. Five sessions of 90 minutes for an in-depth understanding of how you can achieve and maintain a vibrant health. Each session includes breathing exercises, a meditation and a simple yoga practice. COURSE ON ZOOM COMING SOON.

– Session 1: 2 hours. Your life is multidimensional. You understand why is it important to address body, mind and soul to achieve a vibrant health. You learn about meditation, your relationship to nature and your “dosha”, your mind-body type.

– Session 2: 90 min. Food is medicine when you respect your body type. Understand digestion as an essential part of our health and how to eat in order to balance your doshas.

– Session 3: 90 min. You learn how to detoxify and rejuvenate on a daily basis, how to integrate simple practices in your daily routine.

– Session 4: 90 min. You learn about emotional freedom and conscious communication, based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg.

– Session 5: 90 min. Your five senses are your Inner Pharmacy. You understand how to be more aware of your environment and use your senses in relationship to your dosha.

-Private teaching available At the location of your choice.

-Learn How to Meditate Meditation is keystone in regaining and maintaining your health. It will be a good foundation for the complete Ayurvedic course and upcoming workshops.

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