In Montana

I am feeling the urge to start writing again and sharing some photos and stories from Montana.                     The human psyche is not like the Old Faithful Geyser, the Yellowstone crowd’s favorite which erupts with remarkable consistency every 90 minutes or so. I needed to pause. Whether Bozeman is the final destination or a temporary stage, I still don’t know. Since my arrival last December, I have met new people, explored new places as well as my own inside world. Besides Yellowstone National Park, which would take a lifetime to fully explore, I have gone back to France in a very beautiful area where the Via Podensis goes through. This is a Compostelle pilgrimage route. More on this later.

As we are well into summer, I have now done a few hikes around the Bozeman area.

Stay tuned and happy summer!



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  • Gayle

    Welcome back! So good to hear from you.

    • Catherine Cussaguet

      Thanks Gayle and happy summer!

  • Richard de Campo

    I like your [non-] analogy to Old Faithful. Creativity and productivity do seem to come in bursts, just not on a predictable timetable, as you said. I hope your time in Nature restores you. As you know, walking some of the Compostelle is on my ‘bucket list’, so would be interested if you’re planning something like that for next year.

    • Catherine Cussaguet

      Thanks Richard. Yes i will probably walk the entire trail this fall and then propose trips for next year.

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