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To worship and save water has never been as relevant. Water is one of the five elements of nature in Eastern philosophies. It is quite tempting to take water for granted when it runs so easily from our faucets. This photo I took a month ago in Rocky Mountain National Park may be suggesting that there is plenty of water. However, we can already see our grass yellow, our reservoirs levels lower and out-of-control fires in many places in the West.  On Sunday, during my hike in the high country near Aspen, I observed ponds that were shallower than usual. Instead of being reflective, they were muddy.

Water binds everything together in our body and our world. No water, no life. Climate change is real, global action is needed but our personal consumption also has a tremendous impact on water.

Have a safe and water-conservation oriented July 4th!



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  • Richard de Campo

    Pani, pani!

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