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“One thing will always be novel: the substance of a clod of earth, its harmony with wind, clouds, water, plants and sunshine. Decisive, here, is the capacity to fathom the true essence of a face, a landscape, a flower or an animal…and when we experience that essence it seems to us to exist independently of artifice, at all times and under all circumstances.”  Raoul Haussmann

Raoul Hausmann was an Austrian artist who escaped the Nazis and finished his life near Limoges, France. He drew, painted and photographed. I encountered his work in an exhibit during my last visit to Paris this spring. I kept this quote and thought of it while hiking to one of my favorite place around Aspen, Cathedral Peak. There may be snow, wind, a blue sky or threatening weather, its majesty doesn’t change.



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  • MJ

    Great quote!

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