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I usually write about my most familiar landscapes, mountains and deserts.

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However, a few days spent on a Key Biscayne beach in Florida made me reconnect with another form of nature, the ocean.

Water is one of the five elements of nature, besides space, air, fire and earth. Water has a binding property between tissues in our body; it especially lubricates our joints; it also relaxes us, helps us balance turbulent thoughts and emotions. Water represents the more feminine, more intuitive part of ourselves, a good complementary aspect to the more powerful and masculine energy of mountains.

While swimming on the ocean, I felt ONE with the ocean. While walking barefoot on the sand, I felt grounded again. Watching the ocean, the stream of my thoughts vanished like the the little waves when they reach the shore. I enjoyed slowing down, doing less and just being in the present moment, like nature.

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