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A family walk after a lavish lunch on Sunday is an old tradition in France. Last week end, a summer-like weather was an opportunity to take my parents on a beautiful path , “La coulee Verte”, see previous post, https://www.catherinecussaguet.com/2018/05/finding-nature-around-angouleme/

I was amused by the diversity of people and activities I could observe: slow walkers like us, fast hikers, runners, families biking with kids, fishing enthusiasts, water lovers who had rented a canoe or a motor boat. Although the trail was busy, the atmosphere remained quiet and relaxed. Would this be a day where I would see nobody on a phone while doing something else? Not quite.  Suddenly, a teenage biked by with blasting music coming from his phone and a mountain biker, equipped from toes clipped in pedals to earphones mounted on his helmet, flew by.

Incapacity to disconnect from electronics to just listen to nature has gone worldwide…



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