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Let’s ring the gong- the photo being the gong on top of Buttermilk- 2018 has started.

The New Year is a great time to set up clear intentions. You notice I am saying “intentions” and not “resolutions.” Studies show that only 9% of Americans feel successful in realizing their New Year’s Resolutions,  Resolutions come from a thinking mind that gets exhausted by every day’s demands. Very soon, there is no more time, no more space, no more energy and the resolutions are forgotten.

When we set “intentions”, we gather feelings and thoughts from a deeper place. These intentions are aligned with who we really are, what really matters in our life. Therefore, they have much greater success of realization.

A year ago, I shared with you a book by Mallika Chopra called “INTENT.” See previous blog, 

I find her 6 steps behind INTENT very practical. Let’s review them:

I, Incubate. No clarity comes from a noisy brain. Get quiet, learn to meditate daily so you will feel open and present in your life.

N, Notice. When we slow down and get quiet, we can hear deeper voices, receive insights that are more heartfelt.

T, Trust. Many people may tell you what to do but only YOU will find your truth. You need to trust that.

E, Express. Share your intents with a friend. Take responsibility for them. Write them down. Write your dreams, even if they seem impossible.

N, Nurture. Revisit your intents often, persevere. Remember that failure is part of success.

T, Take action. Change is not wishful thinking. It requires that we actually change something. What are the small steps, the small daily habits, the first step you can make today towards the realization of your intentions?

Hope you will enjoy the process and Happy New Year!

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