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For all of us who like to ski, nature is teaching us patience these days, so is meditation.

Snow is very tardy this year in Aspen and I feel bad for professionals in the ski industry who have been lacking work. But for most of us, skiing is just for fun, and hearing constant complaining about the lack of good snow rings a different bell to me.  Sometimes we are so used to a routine that our mind seems to be stuck in it. Unfortunately, expectations are only leading to frustration and unhappiness. Reactivity is the opposite of patience and brings more frustration.

“Why is patience so important?

Because it makes us pay attention.”     Paulo Coehlo

      Gratitude is what we feel about what we have instead of what we lack. In Aspen, it is sunny, beautiful and we did not experience any hurricane, flood, fire or paralyzing blizzard. We are also blessed to be able to enjoy many different outdoors, not just downhill skiing.  People have been skinning, hiking and nordic skiing. Maybe it is time to try something else. For example, a few weeks ago, I rented a “Fat Tire” bike and arrived exhilarated at the Maroon Bells, breathing hard in the last part but in awe being the Bells with nobody around.

Let’s think snow and wish snow every morning in our meditation, a practice that teaches us patience among many other benefits. But then, we need to let go of this desire instead of clinging on it, continue with our day, enjoy what we have and adapt with patience.

Photo: Hunter Creek on January 8, 2018

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