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A year ago, I taught some yoga to the nuns at Keydong nunnery and to the elderly Tibetans at Old Age Home.


This October, I was really excited visiting with my yoga students in Katmandu, even if I could not stay longer this time.

When I arrived at the nunnery at 8am, the courtyard was quiet but I found Ani Tendo La, who runs the nunnery. We had a quick tea and lovely chat, then I headed to the roof of the building where the nuns were already studying. They were reading and memorizing Tibetan texts.
I had not been in contact with the nuns during the year, so their first reaction was of surprise and remembering who I was… Very soon, the younger ones started to mimic a few yoga poses and a whole group of older nuns showed up at a balcony with warm greetings. As last year, the nuns looked happy and healthy. Their spirit was strong, so was the nunnery building where post earthquake repairs and upgrades had been completed with the support of the American Himalayan Foundation,
I did a little more yoga and jump roping with the younger ones before I left them to their studies. Doesn’t it look like Lekey is levitating while jump roping?

AT Keydong Nunnery, Katmandu


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