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Spending time in nature and traveling are two experiences that rejuvenate us, open our mind and reconnect us with our real self. Combine them and you will deepen the effects. I offer a ten- day long journey into Bhutan this fall which will do just that. October 17 to October 27.

Bhutan is covered 60% by forests and there are endless possibilities of hiking or just strolling while exploring the country.  Bhutanese revere nature. As Buddhist, they respect and protect everything that is alive. They embrace  preservation of the environment as one of the four pillars for happiness. http://www.tourism.gov.bt/about-bhutan/the-four-main-pillars. 

During this trip we will also have many possibilities to meditate in sacred places for those of you interested. It could be a perfect opportunity to learn and start practicing on a daily basis if you have never meditated and are wishing for a calmer mind. 

For more info, download:

bhutan-meditation       and     bhutan-2017-costs

Contact me for any questions.

Photo: Chhu river in Punakha.

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Jakar festival, Bhutan