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Explore Bhutan this fall and meditate in sacred places. Open to all levels of practice.

Traveling to a different culture is always a learning experience, a time where we put our way of living in perspective with others. We let go of our mundane activities and enjoy the present moment. We may be tired physically upon returning, especially because of change of time, but we often come home mentally refreshed, maybe grateful for what we have at home and at times ready to make some changes.

Traveling and meditating have similarities. When we meditate, we focus on being in the present moment, we let go of thoughts and, with a little practice, we feel refreshed, more connected with ourselves, more observant. We develop more intuition and are able to take better decisions.

Now imagine combining both in a country where meditation is part of the culture. This country is Bhutan. This fall, October 17 to 27, I will lead a 10- day journey. Besides visiting important places, walking or hiking every day, we will be able to have quiet time in sacred places. If you do not meditate, here is a perfect place to learn and take it home. All of us will benefit from visiting and sitting in sacred places of Bhutan. I have been there three times and that is why I love returning.

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See photos of Bhutan:   https://www.catherinecussaguet.com/photos/bhutan-country/

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