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On MONDAY JULY 10, at 6pm, at the Aspen library, I will give a slide show presentation called HIMALAYAS.

 On October 2002, I trekked for the first time in Nepal, in the Everest area. At that time, I was far away from imagining that, until now,  it would lead to 12 more projects until now: trekking in Nepal, Bhutan, Ladakh, Tibet, but also leading tours and doing some volunteer work. This presentation is a summary of impressions and learning experiences that came along with the images and unforgettable stories.

I just received the last newsletter of the American Himalayan Foundation, with whom I started connecting in 2008 as His Holiness the Dalai Lama came to Aspen. At that occasion, I showed a Tibet photo exhibit at the Aspen Institute. This last newsletter is quite touching to me because it shows images of some of the nuns and elderly Tibetan refugees I taught some yoga last October. AHF has helped repairing Keydong nunnery and rebuilding the elderly’s home Katmandu. Both had been very damaged during the 2015 earthquake.

In the following link, you can see a photo of Momo Tenzing, my oldest student, and a video of the celebration of the new home in the pure Tibetan tradition. Go to the end of this short video…


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THe Dalai Lama and his sisterBoddahnath, Katmandu