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It is not too often that one can do a fantastic day hike from a trailhead called “Home.”

I did just that on Saturday. From Hunter Creek, I walked to Sunnyside trailhead from where two friends and I completed a very scenic loop at this time of year. From reddish scrub oaks to thick groves with superb views of our town, the trail did not disappoint. It even exceeded my expectations as we found spots of quacking Aspen trees on top. Last week storm took quite a few branches or trees down, so biking would be difficult. But to my surprise, we did not see any other hikers until we reached Hunter Creek valley.

I had done this loop a few times in the past, but sharing it with friends who had not added even more pleasure. The finish in Hunter Creek was the best example of a glorious October day in Aspen.



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Bush walking in the snowmass area