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In a rural village of Nepal, young girls were asked to make a drawing showing the difference in boys’ and girls’ life.

“One girl drew a mother figure in the corner of the paper holding a plate with eggs, a prized food, for her sons on their way to the school house. In the other corner, a girl was crouched, cutting grass for the animals.” This is the drawing you see above. You can read the entire story, told by Erica Stone, President of the American Himalayan Foundation here: 

I have been going to Nepal since 2002. The mountains are spectacular but Nepal is not just a trekking or a climbing place. In this poor country, girls and women are still at a disadvantage.

Change is possible and happening now when we support girls’ education, the only way to stop human trafficking and raise the country out of poverty. $100 a year pays for a girl’s school year, prevents her from being abducted and gives her hope for her future.

I love Nepal and will continue to help as much as I can besides organizing trips. You can help too:

The trek I presented yesterday is located in a remote and less visited area that was very affected by the earthquake. Our visit will be a support as well. Read more below, click on the photo.


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Girls in Katmandu