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Research shows that being in awe has a very positive effect on our health and well-being. We are in awe when we experience something that feels bigger than we are and we cannot totally comprehend it. Somehow it pushes our boundaries because we feel deep connection with an experience, a place, a performance.  It takes our breath away and we are in the present moment. The following study shows how being in awe helps a veteran release stress.

Being in awe releases hormones that alleviate stress, quiet our mind and opens our heart. I can remember many times during my last trip to Utah when I felt in awe. Here is one with the photo above. While driving through the eastern part of Zion National Park, I found myself surrounded by towering walls with these specific patterns on the rocks, the incredible result of earth upliftings and erosion. It was time to stop the car and soak in the feeling.

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